Kids Kamp 2023

$30,000 Dollar-For-Dollar Match 

Double your impact this summer! 

Dear Friend,

I am writing to you with some exciting news: our Kids Kamp experience will be held this August at the beautiful Camp Lodestar, which is nestled in the Sierra foothills! Nearly 20 children, ages 7 to 12 years old, will be eligible for this life-changing 5-day and night camping experience, but they need your help to participate.  

Kids Kamp is hosted by our Children’s Place program and is unique to San Mateo County. All participants come from homes where family members are experiencing mental health issues and/or alcohol and drug addiction. Not only does the camp offer children the opportunity to connect and have fun, but it also empowers them to heal from their traumas through skill building, learn healthy coping skills, and explore their feelings in a safe and supportive environment. 

Thanks to donors like you, children can attend Kids Kamp at no cost to them and their families. The children’s daily activities, lodging, healthy meals, counseling, supervision, and transportation are all included. All they have to do is engage and enjoy. 

In celebration of the Kids Kamp getaway experience, I am thrilled to share that a very generous donor is offering a $30,000 dollar-for-dollar match for Kids Kamp this year! Your generosity will help these children build their resilience, so that when they return home, they can practice the skills that they learned at Kids Kamp, and continue a path of wellness. 

With gratitude,

Sara Larios Mitchell, Ph.D., MACP


Kids Kamp is made possible by you!

$1850 = Sponsor a Kids Kamper

$250 = Gift one Kamper art supplies for the entire week

$160 = Transport one Kamper to and from Camp Lodestar

$100 = Supply meals for one Kamper for the entire week

Lucia's* Story 

My dad is an alcoholic. Camp has taught me a lot. It taught me how to cope with my problems. It helped me to show my feelings. It taught me even though my dad is an alcoholic I will keep loving him. But most of all it taught me that if I'm angry or upset at someone and I tell them that they won't hate me for it. At one meeting we were talking about a problem and I said I was upset. Then you asked if I was mad at you. I told you yes but you told me to say it like I mean it. I started to cry because I was so scared. But no one laughed at me. A lot of the kids had tears in their eyes. Finally I said it like I meant it (I did too). But you didn't hate me when I told you I was mad at you. You told me that you loved me. So did everyone else in my meeting. So that's the real important thing I learned in camp. I just want to say that I love everyone here and most of all I love you, Jerry. PS: you help me love me. 

*Name changed to protect confidentiality 

Jerry was a camp counselor at the time this letter was written. Jerry found it in the staff room at the campsite.

Help us load the bus to Camp Lodestar! We are 40% packed up and ready to go. Help us get to 100% by August 6th by making your donation today! 

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