StarVista's Spring Campaign 2021

Dear Friend,

Spring is a time of growth and new beginnings. StarVista empowers individuals to reach their potential through supportive services that nurture growth and change. For 55 years, we have helped people of all ages and stages throughout San Mateo County persevere and prevail through different kinds of life struggles. 

As an example, at StarVista, we strengthen communities through our year-round Father Engagement Services. Our father group series, “Hangout with Dads,” provides fathers with a space to connect, share experiences, learn to support their child’s development, and enrich their parenting skills.

Diego, a young father of a 2-year-old son and husband to an expecting wife, struggled to navigate the challenges and stressors of being a caregiver for his child. The COVID-19 pandemic had taken a toll on his profession, income, and growing family, causing him to become overwhelmed with stress. StarVista’s staff recognized Diego’s struggles and provided support in helping him cope with his current situation. At the same time, our program provided a place for Diego to reflect on the impact his unaffectionate father had on his self-esteem and decision-making confidence.

Throughout his journey with StarVista, Diego shared the pain, anger, and emptiness he’d felt growing up. He revealed that at one point, he turned to alcohol and drugs to numb the pain of not being able to express his feelings or emotions with anyone. “Hangout with Dads” provided Diego a chance to express the stress he felt, share the challenges he was facing, and receive support in ways to use past traumas as learning experiences for himself as a young father.  


Supporters like you help individuals like Diego receive support in overcoming life’s challenges to welcome new beginnings. From substance abuse and thoughts of suicide to family violence and homelessness, we empower people from every walk of life and at every age to find their best future.

Please make a gift to StarVista this Spring season to help individuals like Diego and the 40,000 people we served this year. Your generous gift will offer new beginnings for children, youth, adults, and families in our shared community.  

Warm regards,

Sara Larios Mitchell, Ph.D., MACP


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